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Champion biodiversity in India

Companies that have signed the IBBI declaration are not only demonstrating their leadership position in addressing biodiversity loss but are also using this refined understanding to gear up for changing consumer preferences, mitigating future risks and creating new business opportunities in green markets.

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  • he real Antarctica melting is happening underwater

    Source:The Times of India / 04-Apr-2018

    Warm ocean water is melting Antarctica from below, destabilising its ice sheets and contributing to sea level rise. “Our study provides clear evidence that retreat is happening across the ice sheet due to ocean melting at its base, and not just at the few spots that have been mapped before now,” said Dr Hannes Konrad, a researcher at the University of Leeds who led the study. Read More On

  • Land degradation threatens human wellbeing, major report warns

    Source:The Guardian / 26-Mar-2018

    Land degradation is undermining the wellbeing of two-fifths of humanity, raising the risks of migration and conflict, according to the most comprehensive global assessment of the problem to date. The UN-backed report underscores the urgent need for consumers, companies and governments to rein in excessive consumption – particularly of beef – and for farmers to draw back from conversions of forests and wetlands, according to the authors. Read More On

  • Dangerous Decline in Biodiversity Threatens Livelihoods, Food and Water Security

    Source:YaleEnvironment360 / 23-Mar-2018

    “Biodiversity and nature’s contributions to people sound, to many people, academic and far removed from our daily lives,” the Chair of IPBES, often described as the IPCC for biodiversity, Sir Robert Watson, said in a statement. “Nothing could be further from the truth.” Read More on