Champion biodiversity in India

Companies that have signed the IBBI declaration are not only demonstrating their leadership position in addressing biodiversity loss but are also using this refined understanding to gear up for changing consumer preferences, mitigating future risks and creating new business opportunities in green markets.

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  • Meet ‘Solar Suresh’, The Chennai Man Who Powers His Home And Does Not Need LPG To Cook

    Source:NDTV / 07-Aug-2017

    With a huge canopy and an array of bamboo trees and climbers, 71-year-old Suresh’s home in Chennai’s Kilpauk area stands out. At his home, which is solar-powered, he grows his own food on the terrace garden, has a water harvesting system and a bio-gas unit, making it completely self-sustained and eco-friendly. Read More On

  • Earth's 2017 resource 'budget' spent by August 2: report

    Source:Phys.Org / 02-Aug-2017

    Humanity will have used up its allowance of planetary resources such as water, soil, and clean air for all of 2017 by Wednesday, a report said. Earth Overshoot Day will arrive on August 2 this year, according to environmental groups WWF and Global Footprint Network. This is a day earlier than in 2016. It means humanity will be living on "credit" for the rest of the year. Read More On

  • World's 'highest' village runs dry as warming hits the Himalayas

    Source:The Times of India / 01-Aug-2017

    Decades of over-extraction of ground water, wasteful and inefficient irrigation practices, pollution of surface water like lakes and rivers, and erratic weather patterns attributed to climate change, have left many parts of the country thirsty.



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